Professional Carpet and Flooring Services

As a highly-skilled craftsman, Joe’s Carpet & Flooring’s owner and operator, Joe Wiebe can install almost any pattern or custom floor you can imagine.

You can be sure that each installation will be performed or overseen by Joe himself. That’s the level of commitment to customer satisfaction from Joe’s Carpet & Flooring Installations!


Joe’s Carpet & Flooring provides carpet and flooring installations!

Joe Wiebe is the hands-on, owner-tradesmen of Joe’s Carpet & Flooring and is directly involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations of his business. He will personally install, or oversee the installation of your new floor to insure complete customer satisfaction.

Carpet Repairs & Re-stretching

Not only does Joe install carpets, he also repairs existing carpets and re-stretches carpets and area rugs.

Call Today for a Quote!

Call Joe today to book an appointment! Joe is happy to consult with you regarding your new floor installation or carpet repair or re-stretching.

25 Years of Professional Flooring Service

Joe provides beautiful, durable flooring for all of your renovation and decorating needs.

After 25 years in the business, Joe can provide solid, experienced-based product education and answer any questions regarding the best flooring option for you and your family.

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Joe’s Carpet & Flooring Installations
Serving The Niagara Tri-Cities